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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 14, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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help us out. expectations are really high. >> champagne. >> very good, gretchen! >> i used to like wheel of fortune. >> have a great day. have a great show. fox and friends starts right now! >> you have to be good at at least one thing, right? luck. that's what i clock it up to. good morning, it's wednesday, november 14, 2012. thanks for sharing your time with us today. he's not that innocent. e-mails general john allen sent right in the middle of the general petraeus scandal. we are live with the latest from washington. >> and plus david petraeus personally investigated the benghazi attack, but according
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to some we don't need to hear it. >> and some didn't expect this. we will show you her fall. >> i don't want to watch. >>. >> fox and friends starts right now. >> what about the pyramid? >> i watched the game and i missed halftime. i thought the big story was the knicks beat the magic and little did i know the tragedy that took place in between periods. >> we will show that to you in just a moment. >> in the meantime there are a lot more questions than answers this morning about the scandal developing former cia director david petraeus and general john allen. here live in washington with the latest is peter. he still has some allies, right?
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>> one person who has seen the e-mail exchanges industries some of messages being the e-mail equivalent of phone sex. so today it's no longer going to be the eve of general allen's confirmation hearing to be native supreme allied commander in europe, his nomination has been put on ice. but allen said he did not have an affair with mrs. kelly, and at this point the secretary of defense is going to wait to pass public judgment. >> general allen is doing an excellent job and leading the forces. he certainly has my continued confidence to lead our forces and to continue the fight. but his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. >> later on today deputy fbi director sean joyce is going to be an capitol hill explaining to
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committees why they weren't informed about the investigation into cia director general petraeus when it started. general petraeus has supposed to testify tomorrow about the september 11th terrorist attack on the attack against the consulate in libya, but that's been put on hold. lindsey graham said the truth will never come out about that night if petraeus keeps quiet forever. >> you can't get to the bottom of benghazi without him testifying. i want to hear from gen. petraeus what he knew before, during and after the attack and there's no substitute for his testimony, in my view. >> paula broadwell emerged from her brother's northwest washington home yesterday. and in a strange bits, the twist with the other strange details, mrs. broadwell's north carolina driver's license was found by a jogger in rock creek park monday and authorities say they have no
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idea how long it had been there. >> thank you very much. i see one of the tabloids here is referring to this as real house lives of sitcom. >> but there are many unanswered questions. why is the white house and eric holder potentially getting a pass in all of this? it came out a few days ago that eric holder, the attorney general of this country, knew that the fbi was investigating the director of the cia but apparently as close a friend as he is of obama, he never told obama until two days after the election. do you buy that? some say it's a double standard. >> the fbi director, when i was the attorney general, had come to me and had advised me that the cia director of a suspected of having an affair, i would have notified the president of the united states. i would are done so because an affair by the cia director
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reflects extremely poor judgment. and i believe that the president would have wanted to know, was entitled to know that kind of information. and in my judgment this at that time would have been viewed as a possible national security threat. >> of course. so you have to wonder, is it us because we haven't been president or -- it's not protocol for the attorney general, happens to be one of the president's best friends personally, to not tell the president? and you have to suspend disbelief to think robert mouller in his many briefs never brought up the cia director is being investigated by his bureau, the fbi. it makes no sense. but in the long run maybe the political -- the political guys, pluff and axelrod, got involved and said listen, let's keep the president in the dark. there's nothing good about this before an election. >> what if the cia director had been compromised? remember it started with a cyber
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crime investigation of the field office in tampa in the spring. what if it had been compromised? you go six months later is then the white house finds out about it? if that were the case, everybody, absolutely everybody would have been fired. >> i remember when i first heard about this story breaking on a friday afternoon last friday, and as usual in the afternoon when i'm driving my kids all over the place i was listening to fox on the radio. and my first gut instinct was, wow, and after that i thought to myself why did general david petraeus blame it on the video came after benghazi? that's the first thing that went through my head because if anybody understood terror, it will be general petraeus. now that seems to be the question on capitol hill. did you know gen. petraeus personally investigated benghazi? he was there on halloween, october 31st he went back there to investigate. why did he tell members on the 13th that it was to be blamed
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on the videotape? and why did he go back to benghazi on his own when he knows he's under investigation to maybe get the real story what have actually happened there. >> last night on special report bill crystal was on the program. we will run the sound bite in a little bit. but when petraeus was up on capitol hill, petraeus said do you want the official line or do you want the real truth? what's curious, maybe he thought he shouldn't spill the national security beans at that point? instead he would go along with a line that would be helpful to the president and his men. >> why? >> because it was before the election. he thought for the greater good -- >> the election or you could argue potentially he wanted to go along with that line because maybe he thought in the back of his mind that this whole thing wouldn't blow up if he in fact went on to the administration. it's an unanswered question. >> he did not know he was going to be dismissed. why did he go to libya and do an investigation in anticipation of testifying if you find out on tuesday you are going to be asked to resign and the president gets it on thursday
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and accepts it on friday? jay carney, on david petraeus testifying, not really important, not his issue. >> i would say two things. one, it is up to congress to make decisions about who is called to testify. but the president is confident that acting director moral is fully capable of representing the cia in a hearing about benghazi. >> this is convenient for the administration to have david pet on record on record of blaming the credit videotape. now if he doesn't of it that's going to be his testimony. that's going to be his testimony because of the videotape. >> i bet by the end of this investigation he does come forward. he is a patriot, and he wants the truth out. what is interesting, though, he said through sources, steve, through his friends, i guess he was anticipating testifying but now he believes it will be a media circus so he likely won't. >> he's got to do it. but the larger question is
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remember this all started with this, you know, general allen got an e-mail from somebody and sent it on and said what's going on with this? ten a local field -- oh, there's general allen right there. and then a local field officer down in tampa amped this up. lawmakers in washington want to know how a conflict between two private people morphed into an examination of the e-mail records of two of the most powerful people in the military? how did that happen? sounds like the fbi got ahead of itself, doesn't it? there will be an investigation. >> tons of unanswered questions. let me give you your headline for wednesday. the new york power company who still can't figure out how to restore electricity to new york is losing its leader now. he plans to step down as the ceo at the end of the he. he and several others were the subject of major scrutiny weeks
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after super storm sandy hit. they have also been slapped with a class action lawsuit. and for some customers, believe it or not, the power is still out. >> the boots on the ground is fine. management needs to go to precious son. >> the guys from out-of-state said this thing was being held together with bubblegum and wire and they were told in '06 a problem could happen. they did nothing. >> governor andrew cuomo has launched an investigation as to how utilities responded to the storm. this is out of mississippi. a massive firen giving this home after a small plane crashed into it. all three people on board were killed. witness said they saw the aircraft sputtering from the sky and heard a loud bang. two people were inside of the home at the time. one is in good condition. the f. a now investigating. a congressional hearing is set for ten this morning on the deadly meningitis outbreak but you probably won't hear from the
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he had of the medical compound where the drugs came electric because ice likely to plead the fifth. many died and 450 game sick after receiving shots from the company. should she stay or should she go? in a few minutes nancy pelosicy might release plans to step down as head of the democratic minority. those are your headlines today. >> we will find out today. >> i hope she cities. gives us lots to talk about. >> all right. 1 is minutes after the hour. gen. petraeus, one of the great leaders who has made some mistakes, does it make him unfit to lead our military from here on in? we are going to ask a veterans of two wars. >> and then the key to monogamy?
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now more than ever droid does. >> the scandal surrounding general david petraeus extramarital affair and gen. john allen's e-mails has painted an unflattering picture of america's top leaders. >> gen. petraeus resigned but gen. john allen is still on the job with the president's support. >> the president will continue to have his confidence. >> would it be a better idea if everyone involved just stepped down? we talk to a u.s. army veteran and ceo of concern veterans of america. he joined us from the twin
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cities. pete, we know you served under both the guys. what do you think? >> well, eats a crummy situation, no doubt. but i did serve under both of them. i couldn't hold them in prior professional regard. they are both mission first, and these are difficult personal circumstances but at the end of the day i don't think it precludes them from being professionals in their field. we are talking about the number of e-mails, don't ask me why i was asking entertainment tonight last night. it was on in the background. but it reads like a soap opera and the media feeds it and i don't think any of it has to do with how well these men have served, the years they have given this country on the battlefield and what they have done. it's a disservice to them for all of us to jump to conclusions on information we don't have. >> and you have a general in charge of african command that got demoted and retired for abusing privileges of using military craft for personal use from his wife's shopping sprees
6:17 am
to stays in bermuda. if there are a different set of criteria for high ranking officers as opposed to captains like you? >> no. the uniform code of military justice, when you are in uniform, it applies to everyone equally. that's the aspect of this that is sort of the wildcard and the military will deal with that. general petraeus outside of that in the cia has a different set of ground rulings. but if every single professional or leader, including president's, was disqualified because of personal indiscretion, our line of leaders would probably be pretty short. and we should keep that in our memory. in fact, eisenhower, it was reported during the war, had a relationship with his driver. >> absolutely. >> and yet we hold him in incredible regard and we should. so this is not to apologize for anything that has happened or may have happened, depending on media reports, but we shouldn't forget the years of service these men have given and they should be given the benefit of the doubt. i've heard them, i've watched
6:18 am
them, i have followed them. these are professionals who put this country first. >> and with the petraeus affair, i mean, it certainly and show poor judgment, but we should point out, and he stepped aside. but in general allen's case, his confidants who talked to the press, there was no affair with joe kelly, they were never in a romney alone. you say let's wait for all the facts to come out, right? >> yeah. you have to wait. they say well, 20,000 or 30,000 pages. e-mails but what does that mean? one line can be one page. everyone when they are deployed, you are watching -- you do things to relieve stress whether eats watching movies, call home, some people write e-mails. i hope everyone didn't read every e-mail i sent home. we have to be careful not to rush to judgment and give men like this the benefit of the doubt. >> also i would say the report, the 20,000, 30,000 not accurate. maybe a couple hundred. >> yeah. and anywhere tash us, whatever you want to call them, again,
6:19 am
speculation, speculation. this guy is a general running a warnings let him run the war. >> indeed. perhaps we should back off on our rush to judgment. pete, always a pressure. thanks for reporting early on this wednesday morning. >> all right. meanwhile straight ahead, a cheerleading stunt goes terribly wrong. it happen last night. wait until you see how this ends. >> on a hardwood floor. >> we will have to watch the show to find out what happens next. then it's her private property but that didn't stop the government bulldozers from rolling through, leaving a path of destruction. now they are gone and she got the bill. the woman who is fighting back joins us next. a winter wonderland doesn't just happen. it takes some doing. some coordinating. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together.
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>> time for some quick headlines from the control room. toyota issuing two recalls affecting nearly 2.8 million prius and corolla models. the recall issued because of defective water pumps in hybrids and problems with the steering gizmos. no accidents, thankfully, have been reported yet. and catholic leader timothy dolan saying the church won't give up it's fight against president obama's birth control healthcare mandate. he said they will move forward with lawsuits, arguing all employers should be able to opt out of free birth control coverage, so says the cardinal. all right. rich, back to you. >> thanks very much. >> we know there's no place like home so imagine this woman's reaction from government bulldozers rolled up to her front yard looking to take back a piece of land that's been in her family for 200 years. but after crews ripped up the road, construction was called off and they nixed the project and offered her a settlement to
6:24 am
keep her mouth shut. good morning. >> good morning. >> so sorry this happened to you. this is what we call eminent domain where the government, a town, a county has the power to come in and take over land if they want to. but in this case, after they did that, i'm sure you weren't happy with that initially, but then they nixed the project. so where does it stand now? what do you want? >> right now my road is damaged. i have trees of that been torn down, shrubs of that been torn up, and they have just been left. i just -- i just want the county to do right by me. you know, my mother always said when you damage somebody, that you should try to make it right. and they haven't. they came in and they tore up trees and they tore my road up, and they came to inspect and they brought bulldozer, barges and cops. that's not what i consider an
6:25 am
inspection. so i just want the county to do right by me. >> so, josh, in that case, as her representative, you are asking for $100,000 to make all of these repairs? it's my understanding that the county has offered $20,000? do i have it correct? >> well, that's right, gretchen. what happened here is that the county teamed up with a private developer. this was actually a private project that was going to be run throughdale's property for the benefit of this developer. the county has since admitted they have done this damage to dale but they have tried twice to though her case out of court. the judges have died with dale and said her case deserves to go forward. the county, we've asked them to stipulate to what damages they do admit to and they have refuse today even do that. the situation that dale facing is probably one of the most egregious abuses in virginia we've seen in the last ten years
6:26 am
or so. this is a case where again, you have a private developer teaming up with the county to run over private property rights for the benefit of that developer. >> and trying to shut down free speech as well. >> that's right. >> i want to get in a quote of the offer they offered to dale juan son. johnson. >> i know you are not satisfied with that, but let me bring this up because i think it's important. there was a new amendment that passed in virginia last week during the election that protects against this time of eminent domain, correct? but it will not help dale? >> sadly, it won't. but that's correct. the amendment stops these kind of eminent domain takes from happening in virginia ever again. unfortunately it doesn't help her now but we know the county will come back in the future and try to take her property and the amendment would protect her now.
6:27 am
but it will protect folks from having their property taken to be handed over for what the government deems to be a more beneficial or better use for a preferred user. and gretchen, you are right about that offer that the county made to dale, that was conditioned on her giving up her free speech rights to ever speak out against this project again. they conditioned that offer on her never contesting any of their projects on her property again. dale beat this road, she beat the county, and now they are beating on her. >> i paid a high price, gretchen. >> i'm sure you have. you have been going through this for the last couple of years. you just want your property back. >> seven years, to be exact. >> thanks for sharing your story this morning. dale swanson and josh baker. let us know how it all ends up for you. thanks for your time. >> thanks for having us. >> she went on five shows with a bogus explanation what happened in benghazi, libya.
6:28 am
now rice could be promoted? do you think that's fair? is it right to fail up? e-mail us. >> remember when brian golfed with president bush? that took some you know what w he have one here who can help him. he will show him the secret to a perfect swing. first happy birthday to styx guitarist james young. he's 63. ♪ come sail away with me come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me ♪ music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ it's so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
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and let's get going. together. >> the oxford english dictionary revealed that their word of the year is "gift." people use dictionary for what's a gift and then people use a gift for what's a dictionary. i'm all for new words, but that is just not it. >> oh, that's funny stuff. as we look ahead to the president's second term we know that he's going to have to find somebody new to run the cia and, of course, hillary hillary clins made it clear she's wants to leave as soon as the car door
6:33 am
closes as the president drives back to the white house from his swearing in. and for a while it looks like ms. rice would. a lot of people said susan rice is damaged goods, she could never get the job, could she? >> i guess it depends on which side of the fence you are on. if in fact she was doing a good job in some people's minds by talking about that videotape on five sunday shows, then they might get the job. if she was considered to be doing a bad job because she wasn't maybe telling the story, then she shouldn't get the job. i have a feeling that democrats will think she did a good job and republicans will feel she didn't. >> i think the democrats should feel like she's an embarrassed. she went to utah there and had her answer widely panned. does the president really want to relitigate this fight and go back to the days when excuse soon rice was making it like it
6:34 am
was the real deal? senator lindsay graham can't believe her name is going to come up. >> i can't see any circumstance that i would promote her or anyone else that was involved in this episode. somebody has to be accountable. >> you know what it feels like? her name was refloated again yesterday. it felt like a lot like a trial balloon just 20-gauge the republican opposition which is significance. the big question, green, you are absolutely right, how many democrats would toe to the republican side and say don't give it to her, give it to john kerry who right now looks like he might take over for lee on paw net two if and when he ever leaves. >> well, then it would be obvious the republicans wouldn't support her. if you are operating from the inside of this administration, you probably don't think that there would be that much of a negative review of her. if in fact she was just doing a good job in going out there and saying that on sunday. >> i don't think he wants to spend his political capital
6:35 am
fight fourth susan rice. i think that's my opinion. >> i think you are right. >> well, let's talk news and then a little gossip. >> there are terrifying moments at the knicks. this is a sports story. do it. you were a cheerleader once. why don't you talk about in? some terrifying moments at the knicks game last night. the cheerleader jamie wood loses her footing while being lifted on to her partner's shoulder. she landed on her head. she was put on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. it caused the delay in the game but she was alert and able to wave to the rod. oh, boy. >> a violent crash caught on camera behind the wheel. a doctor accused of being high and prescribing drugs to herself. she was an emergency doctor at a hospital in massachusetts, drove her car through bushes, over a sprinkler system, a sidewalk and then went airborne. she crashed into car at a stoplight.
6:36 am
before the accident she backed into a fence at whole foods twice. police say the doctor was high on drugs and booze. the medical board told her not to come back to work. >> yeah, maybe ever. meanwhile one lawmaker so scared the american dollar will collapse he wants to get paid in gold and silver coins. montana's congressman jerry kneel sent aler to the state's federal services. he said his monthly salary is $1,800. roughly
6:37 am
6:38 am
>>. >> i don't know when you are going to give up on my golf game but it's not happening yet. it takes a lot of practice to become one of the greatest in golf. this guy knows he's number one for 98 weeks. the first tip store anyone who wants to improve is work with his own swing. something former george w. bush tried to work with me at. >> mr. president, any final words? you have seen my swing, you have seen my practice swing, you saw it a year ago. what advice might you have for me? >> don't look up. don't look up. don't swing hard. >> yeah! >> great shot. [applause] >> that's the best shot you have ever hit in your life.
6:39 am
>> i think i will call it a day. >> nick has just come across a swing eats so perfect he can't help anybody with it. >> i am going to change it. >> gee, where do we start? >> well, this is nick. he's one of the all-time great personalities in golf. he has a new book out. >> alignment is a perfect thing. you have to pick the right but to go aim at. but visualize the picture. why does the picture load on this to leg and then that league l. speaking release? you are doing the opposite because you are trying to help the golf ball out. >> don't help the golf ball. swing through it. >> i can use the never word but men don't like it. you are doing it. i'm not doing a thing. too chilly. i only play in the 60s and 70s. >> what should i keep in mind? should i tighten the suit a wit?
6:40 am
>> this is a lovely tip. when you take 90% of your weight on your right foot and left shoulder under your chin 90 degrees. now do the ity s put 90% of the weight on your left foot and get all wait through. twist, bid, show me you are an athlete and release this like so. my goodness. >> and then look at it. >> so this is all in your book? >> well, apart from the suit and tie. here. go on. move the weight. you have to get the weight over to this side. >> for this time of the morning i've never been so excited. hey, hats a beautiful shot. there you go, ladies and gentlemen. what more do you want? >> nick, give me a tip. you have to sell your book. whoa, right in the factory! >> you show me how to do it. >> put the weight on your right.
6:41 am
turn your left shoulder, plan the left foot and swing all the way through. it's lovely. >> look at that! try it again. try to get it over the television. >> don't believe him -- >> oh, over the tv again. get it over the television. come on! >> we are having more fun hitting this. my goodness. three in a row. see, i was consistent. i have a very simple tip for you. when you get home, i recognize your clubs are too long so cut four inches off. it won't improve your game but they will fit in the rubber a lot better or the trash can. >> mr. cbs, six majors, three masters wins. you have broken it down for the common man. for that, all of man should be happy. >> boy, are you calling. never seen anything like that in my life. i heard that one before. >> now you talked, you hurt my confidence. >> i brutalized him. welcome to the streets of new york.
6:42 am
this is fun. i was here and i don't know what the hell i was doing for the few minutes. hopefully it was entertaining. but you can buy the book. it's right here. >> and toss to gretchen. >> it's great, gretchen. >> brian, only the only one who still has faith in your golf game. >> they will love it, boyfriend, brother, any guy. >> next, the one thing president obama can learn from thomas jefferson, it's the key to keeping the country from going over the fiscal cliff. and step aside. this nine-year-old girl is giving the boys a run for their money. that little girl. that's live coming up. okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, nothe mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall.
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or, at our service center, we take care of everything for you. [ relaxing music playing ] [ chuckles ] -whew, so many choices. -take your time. -the service center. -okay. giving you choices -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> he was one of our founding fathers who wrote the declaration of independence but
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thomas jefferson was also an expert politician who knew exactly how to get things done, exactly in a partisan political environment. sound familiar? what lessons want we learn from him? joining us now, author of a new fantastic book called "thomas jefferson, the art of power." john meachem joins us live. >> you talk about how thomas jefferson, as he gets up first thing in the morning, as many people are now, he had a ritual he would plunge his feet into a base son of cold quarter. >> it is. there's a groove on the floor where the bowl was brought in. but he lived to be 84 so it's a pretty good policy. >> maybe i need a bucket. thomas jefferson was a guy who loved politics. he loved to design stuff, he was a big thinker, he kept great details but at the end of the day he was a guy who could bring two sides together. north, south, come on, let's wind up in the middle.
6:47 am
>> he had endless appetite for art, for wine, for women, for architectural books and also power. he was born to it in virginia. the eldest son in an important family. i learned from a very early age. he was was a political apprentice. for 40 years he was pretty much in public office. and what he did are, i think, he was totally committed to survival and success of america and the american revolution. and short of compromising on that principle, he would cut any deal he needed to cut. >> because that's what you do to get things moving down the road. >> that's what politics is. we want it to be pure and it should be principled, but short of that one great idea, he was willing to depart from dog ma. >> you say thomas everwas was much like reagan in what way? >> there's a reaganesque policy because when future politicians after jefferson spoke in terms of optimism, spoke in terms of
6:48 am
america's best days being ahead. in terms of very much today for tomorrow is our obligation, the politics of hope, the politics of optimism, that was a language that jefferson created. and he also created the sense of american greatness in many ways. he said whatever they can, they will, america. he talked about how the cloud of light had come over the seacoast and was proceeding across the continent and where the progress ends, no one noise. it was a big, warm hard the vision of america. >> let's take say the president of the united states doesn't have anything to do the next couple of days. he picks up your book and reads about thomas jefferson and given the fact we are headed for that fiscal cliff, what could he pick up from thomas jefferson that he could use dealing with republicans? >> let me say it's safer to read this back than to e-mail anything in florida. that's one thing. and my guy never had a kit come problem. that's one thing. you have to be clear, screever son was a great writer. he was lucky he lived in a word
6:49 am
culture because he wasn't a great speaker. you have to be -- understand the politics of the personal relationship. one of the things the president was not particularly good at in his first term was reaching out. not across the isle, forget that, but even to his own caucus. one of the things jefferson did, every night when congress was in session he had dinner with law makers. now that one be one version ever hell, but that is the job. he ran for it. so i think building that -- those connections means that the other side might give you the benefit of the doubt in a tight vote. >> could invite boehner over for bowling. it couldn't hurt. >> play golf with them. you are going to play golf anyway. >> there you go. it's a fantastic new book. check it out. "thomas jefferson, the art of power." thank you very much. >> appreciate it. >> why did president petraeus blame the attack on the video when he probably new better? thomas krauthammer next hour with a pretty good theory. and then a nine-year-old girl
6:50 am
proving she can beat the boys at their own game. she is here next. [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. [ husband ] transfer! [ male announcer ] free data transfer at home. you just deleted all the photos! you did! no you did! [ male announcer ] or free data transfer when you buy a windows 8 computer at staples. another way staples makes it easier to upgrade. military families face, we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families.
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6:53 am
>> welcome back. 25 touchdowns, 65 tackles and nearly 2,000 yards rushing. i'm not talking about keith who works in our studio and played at boston college. i'm talking about this little girl. she sounds-like a star nfl player. she's nine years old and she's a phenom going by the name of sam gordon. sam short for samantha. >> she just took up the sport this year but realizing his daughter's undeniable talent, her dad created a video and post it had on youtube.
6:54 am
and now she's an internet sensation. sam and her mom joins us live from salt lake city. good morning, ladies. >> good morning! >> so, sam, i understand that you tried out 172 kids in your district, you beat everybody in speed and agility and now you are the starting qb? >> yeah. >> when you see that video of yourself and everyone trying to tackle you, what are you thinking? as we look at this together, i don't know if you have a monitor there, how do you do this? how do you do it? >> i just basically run as fast as i can and try to dodge the people. >> and you are only 60 pounds. i understand that somebody else on your team is over 100 pounds. what is it like to be the -- are you the only girl on the field? >> yeah. i've gone against teams that have a girl on their team, but that's all. >> brook, what is it like for
6:55 am
you watching her out there against boys, some of whom are almost twice her size? >> it's amazing to watch how she holds her own with them. it's definitely made me very interested in football and proud of her. so it's great. >> brook, you are a soccer player. you think -- sam. you think you are a soccer player and you think by the time you are twelve you will be a serious soccer player, but you are going to stick with football instead? >> yeah. >> so how do the other boys on the team treat you, sam? >> i think they treat me the exact same as they would if i was a boy. so i don't think there's any really difference. >> except that i understand that one of the guys had what on you? >> a crush. >> a crush? >> yeah. >> i guess that might happen. >> that beats crushing you because that happens a lot of times in sports. [laughter] >> brook, how do you guys, how
6:56 am
do you handle the fame, the international celebrity? how is your family dealing with it? >> you know, it's really awesome because the kids have been so supportive of sam. you know, her siblings and the whole family has just been ecstatic about everyone watching the video and thinking how awesome it is because we think, you know, sam is pretty awesome. >> sam, how do you like being famous now and being on tv? >> it's really fun to be able to have people being -- watching me and enjoy it. >> all right. just keep dodging those tackles. we will keep interviewing you. all right? it's a very frustrated local league there because they cannot catch sam gordon. >> sam, you are my new hero, i want to say. the girl of my dreams. congratulations. >> all right. sam and brook, good job. sam, back to school. sorry. >> that's amazing. i love watching thatling girl run like that. coming up on the show, the new
6:57 am
fiscal year just got underway and we are already in trouble. from an upper to a downer. the new numbers just released when we come back. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, the middle of the week, november 14. i'm gretchen carlson. did david petraeus tell the american people one thing while really thinking something else? >> what happened at benghazi, he said, do you want the official line or the real truth? >> gretchen: why would the c.i.a. director tell two different stories and is the white house, do they have anything to do with it? we report. you decide. >> brian: will we ever know? and is it a coincidence or a cover-up? the obama administration pressed on when they learned about the petraeus scandal. >> we understand how people think is bizarre, i mean, the
7:01 am
day after the election and the anger you're hearing on capitol hill? >> brian: from democrats as well as republicans. the white house response coming up. >> steve: the most amaze video you'll see all day. a three-car crash with a three-year-old stuck inside. how that baby -- oh, my goodness -- managed to make it out alive. the good samaritan who came to the rescue. "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. so far today we've golfed with nick faldo, saw that great little girl, nine-year-old, who is playing football and running faster than everyone on the field. >> brian: this hour we go over the major league baseball trade that landed jose reyes -- >> gretchen: i was trying it find good news in all this
7:02 am
scandal and bad news. i think people like good news. >> brian: steve has decided to make this more of a sports format. >> gretchen: that would be fine with me. >> brian: got the jefferson book out of the way. >> gretchen: let's go back to capitol hill. we're one day away from hearings there that may finally get us some answers, maybe, on the benghazi terrorist attack. but outrage growing over who won't be testifying. molly henneberg is live in washington with that part of the story. good morning. >> good morning. a couple state department officials are headed to a senate committee today to answer questions on the benghazi attack. lawmakers are not convinced they'll hear the full story without the testimony of former c.i.a. director david petraeus. state department under secretary patrick kennedy and assistant secretary for diplomatic security eric bodieswell will brief members, one of several committees on capitol hill looking into the attacks. but one republican senator says the u.s. consulate in libya became a, quote, death trap and he says lawmakers won't know the
7:03 am
truth until petraeus comes before them. >> for months the state department people on the ground were telling the state department in washington al-qaeda is all overt place. we can't defend this place. the c.i.a. chief, the night of the attack, told the people in washington, we're under attack. this is a al-qaeda coordinated attack. i want to hear from general petraeus about what he knew before, during, and after the attack. and there is no substitute for his testimony. >> petraeus will not testify tomorrow, as was previously planned. he stepped down as c.i.a. director last week because of a sex scandal. his successor, michael morell, the acting director of the c.i.a., was up on capitol hill yesterday briefing congressional leaders and will be back tomorrow. the white house says lawmakers should be able to get what they need from morell. >> it is up to congress to make decisions about who was called to testify, but the president is
7:04 am
confident that acting director morell is fully informed and capable of representing the c.i.a. in a hearing about the incident in benghazi. >> federal lawmakers said they will subpoena petraeus to testify if he won't come voluntarily. back to you guys in new york. >> steve: thank you very much. he really is the one who can connect all the dots because he personally -- he went to libya to do a personal investigation. >> brian: here is what's better than that, he's now done. he's not in the government. >> steve: they can play hard ball and subpoena him or he could just show up valleyly. he was on capitol hill. this was before it hit the fan. did he know there was an investigation into this affair, but he did talk to lawmakers and last night on "special report," big chris stroll revealed to the panel what was said by mr. petraeus to a member of congress that suggests that mr. petraeus was simply in public parroting the official line of the administration.
7:05 am
listen. >> final point, he may have been under pressure, as charles says, to go along with the administration line on september 14 about the video, which he knew was not true. someone else told me that general petraeus on the hill that day, director petraeus, said privately to one of the members of congress, they said what happened in benghazi? he said, do you want the official line or the real truth? >> gretchen: the question this morning is why? why would general petraeus -- come on. this guy knows more about temporary. he's been serving as a general for decades. why would he say it was the videotape unless you factor in that he knew that the f.b.i. was investigating him, he knew potentially that this story could be quiet or exposed about the affair that he was having with paula broadwell. there are so many more questions to why he would say this it was the videotape. and conveniently now that's officially his testimony because if he's not called to testify under oath, it will be left that that was his testimony.
7:06 am
>> steve: at that point in september 14 when he went up to capitol hill, according to the "washington post" yesterday, he truly believed that he would survive it. he knew that's being investigated, but he figured they would keep that quiet. bill crystal made the point that perhaps what he was doing is he felt that he should probably go ahead with, in the interest of national security, i'm not going to spill all the beans and instead, what i'll do is i will go along with a politically acceptable explanation of the administration. >> brian: i talked to somebody close to him the day, because i was trying to put this together just for my own, to be able to talk about it, and i said, is this true that c.i.a. director petraeus said what he said? he said, all i can tell u.s. when i talked to him that morning, that's not what he told me. so that, i think is important. the other thing that's important is get general petraeus up on capitol hill, not as a c.i.a. director or general burks as a
7:07 am
private citizen to tell what took place. however, you can't have your official stance be what was said behind closed doors. that's not -- >> gretchen: can you imagine that potential story line? that maybe the reason he said it was the videotape is maybe there was more going on in libya than anybody knows about right now. maybe what paula broadwell said in a speech in denver, that they had captured prisoners and that that was really the reason for this attack, maybe there is a lot more going on about libya that nobody knows about yet and that's why if it was a huge c.i.a. mission, that is why that man is the director of the c.i.a. potentially would say it was the video. >> steve: you know why they've got to bring him up on capitol hill and get to him? because he's got to explain what bill crystal reported, that petraeus said do you want the official line or the real truth? because if that's true, if the source is true, petraeus was saying, i am feeding you disinformation. members of congress, this is disinformation. >> brian: how insulting is that?
7:08 am
and it's behind closed doors. jay carney was asked about this from the left, from the right, from the middle. listen. >> you understand how people would think this is utterly bizarre, i mean, the day after the election and the anger you're hearing on capitol hill that they know what was going o. i mean, the timing, the appearance. >> all i can tell u.s. when the white house was informed. and i would let the relevant members of congress explain to you how and when they were informed. my understanding is there are protocols that the f.b.i. follows with regards to these kind of notifications and i would refer to you the f.b.i. and the department of justice for an explanation of those protocols. >> gretchen: we do know that eric holder knew about this in the summer time, maybe even earlier. he's very close to president obama. so do you believe the story line that he would not have told president obama about something that is so important until after the election?
7:09 am
a former attorney general, alberto gonzalez, says he believes that would have never happened that way and there thank there may be a double standard. >> if bob muller, the f.b.i. director when i was the attorney general, had come to me and advised me that the c.i.a. director was suspected of having an affair, i would have notified the president of the united states. i would have done so because an affair by the c.i.a. director reflects extremely poor judgment and i believe that the president would have wanted to know, was entitled to know that kind of information and in my judgment, at that time would have been viewed as a possible national security threat. >> steve: absolutely. if eric holder did not tell the president of the united states in the summer when he found out about it, he would have been derelict in his duty. keep in mind, this all started in the spring. the f.b.i. got involved at that point. f.b.i. headed by muller, it is a division of the department of justice and it reports to the president of the united states. just connect the dots yourself. did the president find out in
7:10 am
spring or summer? certainly he knew before the day after the election. >> brian: the fact there are so many questions creates more controversy than the actual thought that he knew. the fact that there is so much denial is maddening. at 9 minutes before the top of the hour, the rest of the news. >> gretchen: headlines for you. fox news alert, members of the taliban, but now several prisoners will reportedly go free. it's a move pakistan hopes will help facilitate peace talks with afghanistan. pakistan's government says afghan officials made the request and it's up to the militants to decide if they want to take part in those peace talks. new york power company that still can't figure out how to restore electricity to every neighborhood ravaged by hurricane sandy now is going to lose its leader, michael herby,. they were the subjects of major scrutiny after the company couldn't restore power. they have been slapped with a class action lawsuit now. still for some customers, can
7:11 am
you believe it, the power is still out. >> the boots on the ground is fine. management needs to go to prison. >> the guys from out of state told us that this thing was being held together with bubble gum and hay wire and that they were told in 06 that a problem could happen: they did nothing. >> gretchen: andrew cuomo launched an investigation into how the utilities responded to the storm. >> steve: bury the power lines. >> gretchen: new video out of jackson, mississippi. massive ball of fire engulfing a home after a small plane crashed into it. all three people on board were killed. they were headed to an faa safety conference of all things less than 30 miles away. the plane had just taken off when witnesses say they saw it sputtering and heard a loud bang. two people were inside this home at the time. both the woman and her son made it out of the home alive. in a few hours o'clock we'll learn if nancy pelosi will be sticking around as house minority leader for two more
7:12 am
years. she has led democrats in the house for the last ten years. california congresswoman lost her position, speaker of the house, in 2010, when republicans took control. those are your headlines. that would be a surprise move. you would have to wonder why she would want to. >> brian: she surprised us last time when she stuck around. >> steve: because she felt that they would regain the power and she would be speaker again. but now she would have to wait at least two more years. >> brian: greg norman weighed in on my golf spring on my swing with nick faldo. >> gretchen: is it like what ernie else said. >> steve: what's new year's without your favorite champagne? you may soon find out. oh, oh a bubble shortage? >> gretchen: obamacare is becoming a reality. is it hurting the people it's supposed to help? stuart varney here on that topic next [ female announcer ] introducing u
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> steve: the affordable care act, also known as obamacare, is a reality in just 14 months. businesses like appleby's, papa john's are looking atwitching employees from full time to part-time to cope with the cost because if they're part-time, they tonight have to buy them health care. there is good news, obamacare opened up a brand-new market. consult to go minimize the impact of obamacare. stuart varney here to explain. >> that's not very good news. >> steve: no, it's not. so there are more and more consultants out there now to help businesses, hey, this is how you cope with this big headache? >> look, be careful. you might get what you vote for. america voted to continue and keep in place obamacare. now we're going to live with the consequences. if you've got an operation that employs more than 50 people, you
7:17 am
are subject to obamacare. you got to provide health care for those employees. so how do you get ready for it? what are the consultants saying? they're saying move to part-time employees who are not -- they don't have to be given health care coverage. >> steve: that's 30 hours or less. >> you're a part-timer. you've got all these restaurants, it hits the restaurant industry in particular. a whole string of restaurants are considering or have announced that over the next 14, 15 months, they are going to adjust to part-time workers. no more full time. mostly part-timers. long list of people who are going to do it. >> steve: let's look at some of the providers of food that are having a problem with this. you got denny's, papa john's, olive garden, white castle with the sliders, west gate resorts, hardee's, longhorn steak house, carl's junior, and red lobster. >> carl junior's ad i like in
7:18 am
particular. but if you're running a restaurant operation, you got a choice. you can switch to part-timers and avoid this, or you can pay the fine, for not giving your employees full health care. that's $2,000 per employee, per year, or you can go for very expensive health care coverage, which raises your costs, reduces your profit, or you can push them all out and go onto this exchanges and you don't have the cost. >> steve: the interesting thing, though, the ironic thing is a lot of the people who work at these restaurants are younger people who feel i don't need insurance right now. i'm healthy and young and i don't want the expense. and now -- >> a lot of restaurant workers want the hours. they're living paycheck to paycheck and want the hours. now they won't get them. obamacare hurts the very people it was designed to help. >> steve: stuart varney will be over at "fox business" network exactly two hours and two minutes from right now. so check him out, 9:20 eastern.
7:19 am
>> thank you. >> steve: meanwhile, it's one of the most awesome stories we've seen. ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ . >> steve: that story is coming up. then the white house says it knew nothing about the petraeus scandal until after the election. should we believe that? does our political panel believe that? we'll find out as they come in to studio e to talk about it on this wednesday [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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7:22 am
>> gretchen: news by the
7:23 am
numbers. $1.6 trillion. that's how much president obama wants to raise taxes for corporations and wealthy, double the amount that john boehner offered during negotiations next year. next, $120 billion. that's how deep in debt the federal government is. this puts us on track for the fifth straight year of a $1 trillion plus straight deficit all under president obama. 40 years, france having its worst champagne crop in four decades because of bad weather? but it shouldn't hurt bubbly supplies. at least for this new year. brian? >> brian: attorney general eric holder knew this past summer that the c.i.a. director, david petraeus, was part of an f.b.i. investigation into him. the white house claims they knew nothing until after the election. listen. >> how is it that the white house didn't have any idea of this until the day after the election? >> well, i would refer you to the f.b.i they have, as i understand it, protocols in place for when they
7:24 am
notify the legislative and executive branches. it's simply a fact that the white house was not aware of the situation regarding general petraeus until wednesday and the situation regarding general allen until friday. >> brian: the protocol. let's just not tell he him. this believable? let's ask our giggling panel, tony is here, former press aide to jack kemp. and the president of talk radio news service, penn jillette a comedian a magician and an author of this book "every day is an atheist holiday." go get it. tammy bruce has got a free copy. radio talk show host and contributor. is it plausible, tony, that the president didn't know until he got the resignation on thursday? >> it's so implausible that not even the press corp. believes it. they have pom poms in their hands when they see jay carney or the president. clearly not believe the fact that since the summer the attorney general had this
7:25 am
information and not once did he take it to the president. this deals with two men at the highest levels of our government in both intelligence and military community. there is president obama way to believe that someone in the white house didn't know about that. >> brian: i understand the president gets briefed regularly by robert muller. how did that not come up, by the way, we're investigating the c.i.a. director? >> now we've got the intelligence apparatus investigating itself. there is one of two things happening. either there is a complete break down in respect and communication with the white house and nobody is talking to anybody else, or, in fact, this is also a lie, leading up to the election, there are a lots of things hidden. we know that the administration lied about benghazi effectively. we know they didn't tell us about iran shooting at a drone a week out before the election. we know that their economic numbers that they held before the election. so the american people have got a lot of soul searching about what it is we're being told and when we're being told. >> brian: and we're out of time. i'm only kidding. [ laughter ]
7:26 am
pen, in particular, what is going on here? is it that big of a teal? how does general petraeus' behavior reflect poorly on the president? >> i'm afraid i blame everything on technology. i don't think this is an unusual thing to happen. it's just that we have a complete electronic trail. i think for thousands of years you've had adultery and all these things. >> brian: you're talk being the actual act. i'm talking about the president knowing. >> i'm also saying i don't think the president would know. you wouldn't have the f.b.i. investigating the c.i.a. if you didn't have all this electronic trail to follow. i don't think you would have all that. >> brian: but this is something that results in some type of blackmail in. >> yes. >> brian: that's the -- >> that's the problem. you have peter king, chairman of the homeland security committee in the house suggesting that perhaps general petraeus' testimony to them was compromised, briefing was compromised. >> brian: because that testimony included? >> the cover-up line about benghazi, which is that this was somehow part of a massive mob
7:27 am
stimulated by the -- >> brian: a democrat said this hit me like a lightning bolt. they should have been briefed. >> we know and "fox & friends" knows more than senator feinstein snows and she chairs the intelligence committee. people need obviously to be watching this program. she needs to watch this program to find out what's going on in the country. the problem with petraeus, everybody worries about blackmail when it comes to spies. now maybe we need to worry about what happens in a blackmail dynamic internally with it comes to if you're going to have that information on petraeus and then use it so that he moves your administration live. >> brian: where does it go from here? do we put this to bed like everything else? >> i don't think so. i tend to agree, one of the rules of the skepticism is never explained by conspiracy that can be explained by imcompetence. i'm afraid that's coming up here. it is a no win situation on either side, whether they knew or didn't, it's bad news. >> even leon panetta conceded that the white house and the congressional leadership
7:28 am
involved with intelligence should have known about this and the "washington post" reported that in the beginning, except pet was never going to be tried criminally for this. he was told he was off the hook. they just have to go throughout motions. then something happened that led to his resignation. what happened? >> brian: he was director of the c.i.a. pen jill let is a brilliant guy, his book is fantastic. thanks so much. go get it. thanks so much for coming on. great panel. you seem to get along well off camera, which is surprising, 'cause you're very different people. >> we're very good walkers. >> brian: meanwhile, two minutes before the bottom of the hour, the head of the power authority may be gone, but the problems not fixed. our guest is living proof. his story will make your head spin and make you sick. then the most incredible video you'll see all day. how a baby inside one of those cars managed to survive thanks
7:29 am
to a hero watching nearby [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you.
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7:32 am
♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ . >> steve: it's your shot of the
7:33 am
morning. ten-year-old connecticut girl welcoming her soldier father home with a special surprise. maggie's fourth grade class singing "proud to be an american." her father, sergeant first class john, spent a year overseas serving in afghanistan. as you can see, now he's back to connecticut. >> gretchen: all right. wonderful story there. >> brian: let's get to your headlines now 'cause i have a great guest coming up. congressional hearing is set for 10 this morning on the daily meningitis outbreak. you probably won't hear from the head of the new england compounding center. that's because he's likely to plead the fifth. 30 people have died, 450 sick after receiving tainted shots by the necc. >> gretchen: terrifying moments at the magic game last night. watch this. magic cheerleader, jamie wood, being lifted onto her partner's shoulder, fell, landing on her head. she was put on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. her fall causing a delay in the game, which the knicks ended up winning. look at this picture. she has her hands up there.
7:34 am
she was able -- alert and able to wave to the crowd as she went away. >> steve: hope she's okay. this video will make you gasp. a horrific crash flips an suv. inside the suv, a three-year-old girl and her mother were trapped. witnesses rushed to the scene after hearing their screams for help. amazingly, one man was able to free the little girl as she dangled from her car seat while the rest of the group stepped in to save the mother from the vehicle. both are now recovering at home. >> brian: panic break out at a community college campus in texas after several guns went off. you hear that, you run. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: in this surveillance photo, you can see a man dressed if full gear, but it was a drill. the problem? students weren't told. fearing for their lives, they flooded 911 with calls and operators were the ones who told students it was an exercise. the training was made mandatory for all faculty and staff at the beginning of the school year.
7:35 am
>> steve: you got to hope they don't do that again without telling people. as we've been telling you, major shakeup at the long island power authority, lipa. michael erevey resigning after anger from residents who understandably have been without power since hurricane sandy hit 15 days ago. still no juice. >> gretchen: despite the resignation, many locals still remain powerless as debris piles up on the street. >> brian: our next guest is one of those very frustrated residents by the response to the storm, ron lester joins us now. ron -- >> roy. >> brian: i apologize. roy. roy, where are you and what have you experienced? >> we just got power back yesterday. i'm in long beach. long beach was without power -- >> brian: you guys were destroyed. >> yeah. but the really frustrating part was not only were we without power, we were without information. there was no way you could get ahold of anybody and it was the same with cable. you called the number and even
7:36 am
today i'm sure it's the same. you call the numbers, you get busy or nothing. nobody really knows what was going on. nobody could really tell you. and then the problem was when the power was restored, because the water was higher than it had ever been in long beach, a lot of the circuit box went under water. salt water in the circuit box never is really a good thing. so then when the power came on, anybody who hadn't shut off their power, the circuits were fried, it could start fires. i think a fire started in freeport and several other places. >> steve: what happened to your circuit breaker? >> mine was under water, too. >> steve: and it started to smoke when you turn it on? >> minute i turned it on. at first i heard buzzing, then i shut some circuits off, then it started smoking from the box. shut it off. >> steve: because so many people are cold, they're desperate to get the power back on. they might turn it on and leave it on. >> or they never shut it off.
7:37 am
>> gretchen: we're looking at pictures now of your property. i want to give people a sense who are not on the east coast and watching this right now. what kind of damage, explain to us the immense damage you had. >> i went through irene. we had it pretty bad then. this time i was prepared. i was ready. i was going to beat this hurricane. i erect add barrier of concrete in front of my garage had which is where most of the water comes in, and behind the house. i live on a canal, so i know the water will come up. then i wrapped it in 24 gauge plastic. then i sealed it with foam. then i put sandbags on top of it. no way in the world. the first surge that came in monday morning wasn't too bad. i had 100-gallon a minute sump pump pumping it out. i got a couple of inches in. i thought, i'm going to beat this hurricane. the second surge was ridiculous. by 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon, it had crested over the bulk head.
7:38 am
i knew we were still four hours from high tide. i watched in my neighbor's house across the street. first it went over the fire hydrant. then it went up to their mailbox. and then it went up to their number. half of their house was under water. my sump pump completely, first of all -- >> brian: as bad as it is and unprecedented as the storm is, what you want to know is where did you go from here. did you have flood? >> yes. >> brian: have they contacted you? >> yes. >> brian: you contacted them. have they come down to evaluate your home? >> no. >> brian: that's inexcusable. this is 2 1/2 weeks. >> i know. but i understand. they are literally -- >> brian: where do you stay now? >> in point lookout. >> brian: you're sitting out there still? >> yes. but point lookout wasn't as affected as long beach. long beach was completely destroyed. >> gretchen: i understand that you believe the power authority in this part of new york, your quote was that they are criminal. what do you mean by that? >> i can't understand how you can put cables across the ocean,
7:39 am
under water, and you can't run cables that can produce electricity. and you have this same thing a year ago. so you would figure, you would have some sort of planning, you would figure out a way. >> steve: bury the power lines and then a lot of people -- >> gretchen: that's the problem. >> brian: $33 billion. >> steve: average it over 20 years. every time the wind blows, power goes out. >> brian: most of all, they have enough people where they could have communicated by now what to do and not hand awe card that will be busy and tell you you can get your answers there. >> they didn't hand you a card. then the stories we were hearing from the other linemen were saying if we operated the way lipa -- the out of state people, we would be out of business. >> brian: they laugh at the way this is done. they think it's tragic 'cause they can't get orders how to help people. >> right. >> steve: you got the electricity back to your house
7:40 am
now and all you need is an electrician to fix it. roy, good luck to you. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: stick around just for a second. >> steve: we want to talk to you more in the commercial. >> gretchen: dave ramsey will be here. he has four simple ways not to go broke this holiday season. >> steve: excellent. >> brian: then do you know a gossip who talks way too much about other people? is that normal or is that nuts? dr. keith ablow went to college to find out. >> steve: yep. and first the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1972, this transformer actor and former model got her start on the soap opera "all my children." who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. you'll be our winner a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
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>> brian: toyota issuing two recalls affecting nearly 2.8 million prius and corolla
7:44 am
models because of defective water pumps in hybrids and problems with the steering mechanism. no accidents reported yet. and discover new foods from the comfort of your own home. wal-mart officially launches its goody service. customers who sign up will be mailed the box of sample size food items that aren't yet in stores. it runs for a monthly fee of $7. good luck. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you, brian. it's that time of year already. time to start planning your holiday shopping list. don't let the grinch steal your green this christmas. personal finance expert dave ramsey joins us now with a much needed advice on holiday spending habits. all right. i know that you're very strict on these types of things, mr. ramsey. so give me your top three spending tips. >> i'm seriously, i am not the grinch. i don't care what you say. truthfully, you need to prioritize. you've got to do the written budget. you've got to have a christmas budget. santa claus says make a list, check it twice and then pay
7:45 am
cash. you pay cash. and you put that amount of cash from your budget in a christmas envelope and when your christmas envelope is empty, you go home. if you want a budget form, pick it up at dave it's a free download right now. >> gretchen: here are some of your christmas dos and don'ts. number one is don't mistake batman for food. i got to admit, this has me scratching my head. what do you mean? >> a wonderful batman electric car for the four-year-old to drive around the showers a lot of fun. and that is a great thing to buy. but don't confuse that with your priorities, meaning your household has to operate during christmas and a lot of folks are facing tough times right now. and i see people literal hee not pay the light bill or not buy food to buy the batman car. >> gretchen: all right. number two, don't give presents to everyone. i know that years ago in our family we just decided to not give gifts to adults really that much anymore. they're hard to buy for kind of anyway.
7:46 am
>> yeah, they are. you know, it's just crazy. you can $20 yourself to death. the holiday is all about family, christmas time is about giving and about just being with -- it's a giving generous spirit. it doesn't have to be buy uncle bob a tie every year. so we did the same thing. we went to where we draw names and then we take care of the kids. the adults, you can limit that. >> gretchen: what about don't treat yourself to one or two or three nice things. come on, dave [ laughter ] i tell you, i'm okay with regifting, but this me gifting stuff has got to stop. what's the point of the holidays? the point is to give! not to buy yourself something! this is crazy. 68% of americans la year, while christmas shopping, bought themselves a gift! why? >> gretchen: retailers were happy with that, i guess. okay. number four, don't cover every inch of your house and yard in lights. is that because of the electric bill you might get later? >> absolutely. that's the problem. yeah. we want to celebrate the season and you don't want to buy 63
7:47 am
extra blowup toys to put in the front yard this time of year either. it's okay to have some fun, but again, this needs to fit within your household budget and be a reasonable process. >> gretchen: i want to get in one of the e-mails. sarah in chicago says, i have a hefty mortgage payment, other credit card debt and three kids. the lay away plans seem to be my only option to get toys under the tree this christmas. what do you think i should do? all right, dave. >> well, the lay away plan is where you set an item aside and then you pay on it weekly or monthly out of your check. if there is no fees on it, then that's a fine way to do it. there is no argument there. but if you can pay monthly or weekly on that, you can also save up monthly or weekly in order to just pay for the item. then you're not stuck with a particular item. lay away is okay, as long as there is no fees. it's a little constructing, though. >> gretchen: when i go, i won't buy myself something. good to sigh. see you next week. >> thank you. >> gretchen: steve? >> steve: thank you very much. isn't it like annoying, like,
7:48 am
when somebody uses the word like, like ten times in one sentence? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow is here next. >> i like have a 14-year-old daughter, so, like, this is like happening in my house all the time, like. first on this day in history -- >> steve: are you doing on this day in history? >> "jailhouse rock" was the number one song in history. >> steve: that was great. >> you know. they train you well here. ♪ everybody let's rock ♪ everybody in the whole cell block ♪ ♪ was dancing to the jail house rock ♪ta ♪ i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ]
7:49 am
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7:52 am
>> steve: answer the aflac trivia question of the day. fergie's husband, josh duhamel. >> brian: am i normal or nuts? it's a question we ask dr. keith ablow once a week every week. joining us now to answer your e-mails that you sent in to find out about your psychological pulse or to take it, dr. keith ablow. welcome back. >> goo do it see you. how are you guys? >> steve: have you ever had dance lessons before today? >> no, that's my first one and i think i'm making progress. >> steve: you're doing very well. first e-mail comes and it says, i fudge the truth a bit on my on-line dating profile. example, i'm 5' 8, not 5' so. i'm a mid level salesman, not a department manager. the fibs are tiny, but a recent date was offended and called me a crazy liar. >> 'cause you are crazy! it's only two inches.
7:53 am
it depends what we're talk being. anyhow, the bottom line is this guy feels he doesn't measure up. and the truth is, he does. he's just not convinced of that. no one offered him unconditional love. he's got to understand, what's so bad about being a mid level salesperson? you're going to move up. >> steve: you didn't get unconditional love on a child and now he's lying on his on-line profile? >> people fudge because they think they don't measure up. unconditional love will tell you yes, you do. >> brian: they do answer your e-mails here on the show. thank you. number two, my co-worker is -- i'm only kidding. my co-worker is such a gossip. she can barely go a sentence without trashing someone else. is this poor behavior or is she nuts? >> she, too, is crazy, but in a very particular way. she has the idea that by disparaging others, by talking
7:54 am
others down, that she'll get closer to you. this is called splitting. like you're going to love me more because i'm going to convince you that the other person isn't worthwhile. the truth again is listen, it's all about you. you are a worthwhile person. you, steve. >> steve: thank you very much. and this -- >> i'm glad you reached out. >> steve: this next one keith can identify with because it says my daughter use the word like far too often. practically every worry word. i noticed this is a common trend with kids these days, but can it be normal? >> it can be normal, like, i can do this incredibly, like, because i have a 1-year-old daughter. the other -- 1-year-old daughter. -- 14-year-old daughter. they end statements with questions, so they're like in class? and i go to campus? the bottom line is, this is normal, but here is my fear. i think it may mean that this generation isn't quite certain of what they think and feel. everything ends with a question.
7:55 am
everything is like. nothing is definitive. >> brian: i want to get a question from the headlines. powerful people doing things they clearly know are wrong, three generals, one illicit affair, and other things. how does someone do something so dumb? >> we know from freud and before that the sexual drive trumps everything. if we haven't learned that by now, man, how much time have we wasted talking about the sex lives of leaders. it's almost like we got to get our own heads out of the judgment. judgment, yes. but we seem to be completely addicted to talking about the private sexual affairs of people. i say it should be don't ask, don't tell, not only about sexual orientation, but all sexual activity. >> brian: weigh in on that right now on twitter and on fox. he said tolerate it and expect it. >> it's not your business. get your head out of the general's business, if you will. >> brian: please don't yell at me. it was just a question. >> i'm very upset.
7:56 am
>> brian: i'll see you on radio. >> steve: stop sending the crew those shirtless pictures of yourself. >> brian: exactly. >> you said you were going to bury that for me. >> steve: if you have a question for the great dr. keith ablow, e-mail us, or log on to our web site and we will get word -- >> do you like the tattoos? the wings. >> brian: now i'm getting wheezy. the best day to go shopping. i have to cut off the doctor. what has this show come to. that's my question next week. where you can find the best deals 'cause black friday is coming quicker than you know. >> steve: then senator john mccain is here. we will ask him, should ambassador susan rice be promoted as secretary of state and would john kerry make a good secretary of defense? stick around. we'll be right back. >> brian: are those nominations normal or
7:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, november 14, 012. i'm gretchen carlson. breaking news on the petraeus scandal. fox news alert. now we know why the f.b.i. raided his mistress' home in north carolina. could she have been storing state secrets there? we are live with the breaking details and what it means for our national security. >> steve: plus general david petraeus personally investigated the terrorist attack in benghazi and even traveled there in the aftermath. the white house says they don't need david petraeus to testify. many lawmakers say they do. we'll talk to john mccain about that in a couple minutes. >> brian: could you believe it's been throw years since this --
8:01 am
three years since this? ♪ >> brian: susan boyle came out of nowhere, serenades us live this hour from somewhere. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: fox news alert. everybody, yes indeed, one minute after 8:00 o'clock in the east coast and now there is a fox news alert that apparently that woman right there, paula broadwell, who admitted she had an affair with david petraeus, apparently we know now why they raid her house, the f.b.i. did, in charlotte. apparently they found that she was in the personal possession of a significant number of
8:02 am
documents, many classified perhaps, which is a direct violation of federal law. apparently she took some of the documents from secure government buildings. charges are being considered. >> gretchen: this raises questions, though, about the timing of all of this. first thing that comes to mind for me is, if she had classified documents in her home, why did they sit on this for six months? >> brian: they have to see her speech replayed? >> gretchen: why did they sit on this for six months? why did eric holder know about it, the attorney general? why did the f.b.i. know with it? who knows in the white house? they say they didn't know about it, but did they? if she actually -- if this is a national security threat and now the f.b.i. thinks it's important enough to go to her home and find out that there is classified documentation there, why did they wait six months? >> brian: a month ago, she told friends that she and david and general petraeus were working on two different book ideas. so maybe she's downloading this material or that's what you might say, in order to develop these book ideas.
8:03 am
>> gretchen: she also said in the denver speech that there was more to the story about what was going on in libya, that in fact, the c.i.a. had taken libyan prisoners there and that that is why they stormed the embassy and killed the ambassador on september 11. the c.i.a. has denied that, because remember, president obama signed an executive order in 2009 that the c.i.a. was in the allowed to take prisoners anymore. >> steve: let's go back to when it ratcheted up and when they first confronted broadwell and they said, did you have an affair? she said yes. and she then handed over the laptop that she had used at that point. and that's when the f.b.i. found the first of the classified documents. and then they said to petraeus, okay. did you have an affair? he said yes. and then they said, did you give her any classified documents? and he said no. so that's why we wound up having the raids by the f.b.i she is a former army officer. she previous low had a security
8:04 am
clearance, but personal possession of classified files is still a crime. >> brian: i want to go back to what gretchen said. the timing is unbelievable because for the f.b.i. to watch a replay of a portion of a denver speech that was readily available anywhere, that's not even a lead closed door speech among select people, for them to say i've seen this, let's raid her house. a month ago, she was talking about openly -- openly about different things she was doing this and she felt open enough and free enough to make those comments at the university of denver, which looked like a huge crowd there. what is the impetus? the media is pushing the f.b.i. to act? does that sound correct? >> gretchen: come on, we know this is the top spy in the world, general petraeus. we all know what happens, i think, during pillow talk. so if he's with paula la broadwell -- paula broadwell, they knew a long time ago that he was passing along some sort of information. but maybe it wasn't him. but regardless, the timing smells.
8:05 am
>> steve: one other part about the timing is petraeus apparently told his friends who have told the press that they had cut it off by that point. they were no longer having an affair. so was it something they talked about on the internet or was it, like we told you yesterday, the same device where drug dealers and terrorists use where they share an e-mail on gmail rather than send e-mail back and forth, they simply talk by it direct. >> gretchen: i don't trust any of those friends who are coming out now to speak because really would they still be a friend of yours? if you're general petraeus and you tell a friend, here is what happened, and then that friend went immediately and talked to the press, would they still be a friend or is this a way to get the messaging out because you want it coming in a certain way? >> brian: i think general petraeus is using these people to get his message out. he's in this mix. >> gretchen: he is. >> brian: his voice is being heard. >> steve: mr. petraeus himself went over to libya after the
8:06 am
attack on our consulate there where four americans were murdered and conducted his own personal investigation. he was the head of the c.i.a. at the time. those guys were working for the c.i.a. now the white house says you know what? we've got the number two guy then. he's now tower temporary one. he's good enough. right. here is jay carney yesterday. >> i would say one, it is up to congress to make decisions about who is called to testify. the president is confident that acting director morell is fully informed and capable of representing the c.i.a. in a hearing about the incident in benghazi. >> gretchen: yeah, why is that? because the acting director is not the one, like david petraeus, who told congress on september 13, two days after the attack in benghazi, that it was because of the videotape. so now if you don't have general petraeus coming to the table to testify under oath, you can pretty much think that's going to be his testimony, that it was because of the videotape, which is what the white house line of thinking was and what they were
8:07 am
telling the american public for a week. >> brian: can you believe that this has overshadowed the president's reelection, overshadowed the talks about the fiscal cliff. the president meeting with union leaders yesterday, from everybody, not just the people here on the couch who seem like nice people, but the whole network at the network story after story, magazine after magazine. liz cheney puts it in perspective. >> you've now got many, many committees on the hill which are looking into this, thank goodness the republicans are in control of the house of representatives. so they do have subpoena power. so they will be able to have the kind of hearings we need. the white house will not be able to cover this up and nor will they be able to sort of say, look, this is all about general except pet. he has a very important role to play. he needs to testify. frankly, we have got to make sure that secretary clinton testifies. she was accountable. she was responsible. why did she continue to say it was a video? >> steve: clinton and petraeus both have got to testify. that's just all there is. otherwise the investigation would not really be an
8:08 am
investigation. it would not be complete. also we told you earlier that big crystal had sources in -- big crystal had sources in the testimony given on september 14 and apparently petraeus said do you want the official line or the real truth? to some, it does look like, you know, was he just going along? was he doing -- this is in the interest of national security, or was he, and some feel this, was he being blackmailed by the white house to tow the company line? those are the things we can only find out if you ask him directly. >> gretchen: if you're wondering about the timing, why this came out after the election, i would guess that it didn't have as much ramification on the election, as the fallout. it's always about the cover-up. now to your headlines. fox news alert. members of the taliban, prisoners going free. pakistan freed the prisoners at the request of the afghan government. the move meant to jump start peace talks with the militant
8:09 am
group. the prisoners described as mid and low level fighters. it's the most encouraging sign pakistan may be willing to facilitate peace talks that have gone nowhere because of distrust among the major players, including the united states. they were headed to an faa safety conference, but they never made it. three pilots killed last night after their plane crashed into a home in jackson, mississippi. the aircraft had just taken off when witnesses say they saw it sputtering, then heard a loud bang. two people were inside the house. both made it out alive. the new york power company that still can't figure out how to restore electricity to neighborhoods ravaged by hurricane sandy is now going to lose its leader, head of lipa, the power authority there plans to step down as the coo at the end of the year. he and several others were the subjects of major scrutiny after the company couldn't restore power weeks after super storm sandy hit. the power authority has been slapped with a class action lawsuit. we spoke it a frustrated customer earlier on "fox &
8:10 am
friends". >> the really frustrating part was where not only were we without power, we were without information. there was no way to get ahold of anybody. and it was the same with cable. >> gretchen: governor cuomo launched an investigation into how the utilities responded to the storm. when it comes to holiday shopping this year, good things come to those who wait. the day with the deepest discounts won't be black friday. according to new research, tuesday, november 27, is the best day for deals. there will be fewer people shopping, giving you a greater chance to get best customer service and apparently the best deals. and those are your headlines. >> steve: i think that's the tuesday after cyber monday, which is the biggest shopping day. straight ahead, we told you he was coming, senator john mccain is here. we'll talk to him about whether or not ambassador susan rice should be promoted as secretary of state. would john kerry make a good secretary of defense. we'll talk about the petraeus scandal. >> brian: decision day for nancy pelosi. will she stay or will she go now
8:11 am
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>> gretchen: 14 minutes after the top of the hour. days before the president ideal election, numerous reports of military voters being suppressed. even on capitol hill, a group of republican senators sent a letter to have panetta to express their concern. so what actually happened on election day? let's ask the former justice department official and co-author of the book "who is counting, how fraud steres and bureaucrats put your vote at risk." i guess your the perfect guest for this type of situation. what ended up happening with the screwup and the military absentee ballots?
8:15 am
>> there was a general decline in the election overall, but there seemed to be a steeper decline in military voting. i think this is because of two things. one, major failure of the department of defense. two years ago they were recommended by the military postal system to put in a state-of-the-art mail forwarding system. they failed to do that. that delays mail to military voters, particularly absentee ballots by 15 to 50 days. if they had put in a new system, that would have been cut to three days. they also didn't put in voting assistance offices on all their military bases the way they were supposed to. the d.o.d.i.g. said they only did it in about half of military bases. >> gretchen: what is the ramification of that? they were ordered to do that. they didn't do it. so what happens? >> well, they have a lot of explaining to do as to why they completely neglected to put these two recommendations into
8:16 am
place. the result was we have very, very low turnout among military voters. now, i don't think there was as much enthusiasm this year among military voters because they had two candidates with no military experience at all. plus we don't have as many deployments overseas. but i don't think the decrease would have been as large if the pentagon had done what it was supposed to do. >> gretchen: all right. i also want to get your thoughts on the protocol that jay carney, the spokesperson for president obama, has been talking about now in light of the petraeus situation and what the protocol of the f.b.i. was as to when they were supposed to tell the president about this. what is the protocol, in your mind, and is that a good excuse for not telling president obama about petraeus and do you buy it? >> no, i don't buy it. what they said is the f.b.i. had protocol not to inform the white house of a criminal investigation unless there is a security investigation. well, this clearly was a security investigation because
8:17 am
the c.i.a. director was one, subject to blackmail because of this affair, and also there were questions about whether he had given classified information to his mistress. so obviously the f.b.i. protocols would not apply. in any event, the attorney general was told about this this past summer. the f.b.i. protocols don't apply to him. he had an obligation to tell the president that his chief intelligence officer, who is giving him security assess ams, was subject of an investigation. >> gretchen: real quickly, do you think that eric holder or somebody told the president? >> i have a hard time believing that they didn't. and if they did not do that, that frankly is professional imcompetence. >> gretchen: speaking of national security, we just spoke about breaking news 17 minutes ago where they're now apparently taking out national security classified documents from petraeus' mistress' home. so if it wasn't about national security, then why are those documents there? >> yeah, exactly right. plus if it wasn't about a
8:18 am
security threat, why were they so insistent that he resign from his office? >> gretchen: a loft unanswered questions. good to see you as always. have a good day. >> thank you. >> gretchen: this is supposed to be the happiest week of her life. instead, there is major trouble brewing for soccer star hope solo. then senator john mccain is here to talk all things petraeus, plus we'll ask him, would john kerry make a good secretary much defense? right back. [ malannouncer ] it'that time of year again.
8:19 am
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8:21 am
>> steve: quick headlines on this wednesday morning.
8:22 am
just one day before her wedding, hope solo isophene say arrested on suspicion of assaulting the soccer star. he was arrested and later released from custody. reports say they were arguing over where to live after they got married. that's not good. less than two hours we'll find out if nancy pelosi will stick around as house minority leader for another two years. she has led the democrats in the house for the last ten years. several years as speaker. >> brian: fox news alert, as we've been telling you, paula broadwell, the woman who allegedly had an affair with david petraeus is accused of storing military material which may be why the f.b.i. raided her north carolina home on monday night. arizona senator john mccain joins us with his reaction. senator, where is this going? what's your reaction? >> well, my reaction, of course, is deep regret that we lost a
8:23 am
great leader and great general who took responsibility for his actions and resigned. but he really was an important element in our nation's security. but he held himself responsible and he did the honorable thing. that's a very rare thing around this town, as you know. so i have very great regret, but also there needs to be an investigation as to exactly what happened and understand whether the military or classified information was compromised. but the main thing is we lost four people who died in benghazi and we have had totally conflicting information from the administration. the president did not tell the american people the truth either at the second debate when he said he called it a terrorist attack or when he told "60 minutes" that they didn't know. then later on said that it was a, quote, spontaneous demonstration fueled by a hateful video.
8:24 am
we've got to get a select committee and get back on issue. that should concern the american people. >> gretchen: there has been so much talk because the story keeps getting more bizarre on a daily basis with all of these sexual details. let me ask you this, because general petraeus also went along with the white house line that it was a videotape of the he apparently spoke to members of congress two days after the attack and said yes, it was the videotape, but now bill crystal last night saying a source told him that petraeus said well, do you want the real story about what happened or should i just say it was the videotape? what do you make of that? >> i don't know what to make of it. i do know that the station chief in benghazi said within 24 hours that this was clearly an al-qaeda-inspired affiliated attack. yet five days later, the ambassador to the u.n. went out to all sunday news shows and told what was absolutely defiance of any rational logic or thinking.
8:25 am
people don't come to spontaneous demonstrations with mortars and rocket propelled grenades. that was obvious on its face. why did they deceive the american people? why did the president of the united states continue to deceive the american people and the world? we need a select committee. nobody died in watergate. nobody died in iran-contra. four people died here. because of their lack of action as my friend lindsey graham says, they turned that consulate into a death trap. >> steve: they did indeed. now, senator, for people watching, they might not understand, we know some committees are meeting right now on capitol hill behind closed doors. you're calling for a select committee which politically might be hard -- i understand the republicans practice bely would go for that, but it might be hard to get the democrat controlled senate to sign on board with a select committee. >> it's going to require public pressure. the american people are going to demand what to know. look, this overlap noose at least four different commits in both sides of the capitol. we've got to have a select committee. we needed a 9-11 commission.
8:26 am
at first the bush administration didn't want that. they didn't want a watergate commission. they didn't want a iran-contra commission. there has got to be a select committee to get to the bottom of this and i won't quit and some of us won't quit until we get it. the families of these four people deserve that. >> brian: i would think so. so let's listen, with the new administration comes new positions, new jobs. we understand strong rumors, senator john kerry will be the next secretary of defense, or nominated to be. is that the right choice? >> i think that the president has -- we have to give the president some ability to name his team. at the same time, the congress, the senate of the united states has its responsibility of advise and consent. if john kerry is named by the president, then he will be held responsible obviously for his past. >> gretchen: here is part of that past. here is what senator kerry said about the military in 2006.
8:27 am
>> education, if you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. if you don't, you get stuck in iraq. >> gretchen: i mean, that's going to come back -- a lot of people say how could he be secretary of defense if he felt that way? to me, do you believe that susan rice would be nominated for secretary of state after what you just said about going on those sunday talk shows and saying that it was all about the anti-muslim videotape? >> susan rice should have known better and if she didn't know better, she is not qualified. she should have known better. i will do everything in my power to block her from being the united states secretary of state. she has proven that she either doesn't understand or she is not willing to accept evidence on its face. there is no doubt five days later what this attack was and for -- look, i was on "face the nation" that sound. right after her came the president of the libyan national
8:28 am
assembly who said this was al-qaeda. everybody knew that. so she went out and told the american people something that was patently false and divide common sense. >> brian: would you block john kerry? >> i think we'd have to find out what -- we'd have to look into it before i would want to do that. i haven't even heard the rumors that you just described. but all of us are responsible for the things we've said and done if we're going to serve the american people. but i'd like to hold off and see what the story is before saying that because i do give the president latitude of naming his team. >> steve: completely understood given the fact there are some trial balloons floating around in that building. john mccain, u.s. senator, arizona, thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> brian: cheerleading stunt goes terribly wrong and the terrifying fall was caught on camera. look at this happening in
8:29 am
orlando last night. >> gretchen: then the head of lipa, power authority, may be gone, but the problems are far from fixed. our next guest knows this too well. what happened? she begged for help for her son who could not breathe [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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8:33 am
>> steve: fox news alert on this wednesday morning. in a couple of hours, president obama will face tough questions about the petraeus scandal. it will be the first time we've heard from him since the scandal broke. joining us from the white house right now, wendell goler. it's been a while since the president has had a press conference. >> you're right, steve. aides say the president was told about the day after the election about the scandal that forced the resignation of david petraeus and the following friday about the investigation that has delayed the senate confirmation of general john allen, the man the president has chosen as the new supreme allied commander in europe. now, petraeus stepped down after add mying an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. that relationship exposed, after broadwell allegedly sent threatening e-mails to jill kelly, found to have traded messages with general allen, that is described by sources as more than flirtatious. both generals are married, so are the women, but not to each
8:34 am
other. the president hoped to focus this week on what he feels is his reelection mandate to end the bush administration's upper income tax cuts as part of a plan to reduce the deficit. he is meeting with business leaders today. say the sex scandal is at least a distraction. >> i certainly, i think, wouldn't call it welcome. obviously, as i said, the information about general petraeus came to him as a surprise and he is very appreciative of general petraeus' remarkable service to his country. but the president is focused on the agenda that he believes is important for this country. >> this is also the president's first news conference since the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that claimed the lives of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. he may well be asked whether petraeus' personal problems
8:35 am
influenced the former c.i.a. director's claim, initial claim, that the benghazi attack grew out of a protest against an anti-islam film made in this country. steve? >> steve: that's the big one right there. wendell goler at the white house. thank you, sir. >> gretchen: i have a feeling there aren't going to be a ton of questions about the fiscal cliff, but i think most of the questions will be about libya, finally. >> brian: can you imagine a press conference without the press conference. >> steve: the rest of your headlines and terrifying moments last night. magic cheerleader jamie wood loses her footing while being lifted onto her partner's shoulders. look at that. she fell, landing on her head. she's put on a stretcher, rushed to the hospital. after her fall, though, which caused a delay in the game, the knicks won. she was able to wave to the crowd. she was that alert. reports say she's also able to move her legs. so that could be a very good
8:36 am
sign. >> gretchen: violent crash caught on camera behind the wheel, a doctor accused of being high and prescribing drugs to herself. kristen howard, emergency room doctor at a hospital in massachusetts, drove her car through the bushes, over a sprinkler system, a sidewalk and then went airborne. she crashed into another car. one person was hurt. police say howard was high on drugs and booze. medical board told her to not come back to work. a girl in a class of her own. look at sam good morning, a nine-year-old football phenom from utah. those are boys twice her size, struggling to bring her down. she's a cutie. watch her there. there she goes. >> steve: she's the one with the pony tail. >> gretchen: there is another t.d she's only had 25 this season. we spoke to her earlier today on "fox & friends". >> i just basically run as fast as i can and try to dodge the
8:37 am
people. >> gretchen: strategy. she beat out 172 other kids in her district to land the starting qb position. >> steve: look at all those boys chasing her. mr. kilmeade, over to you and a special guest. >> brian: thank you. shocking resignation, we told you about it earlier coming from the long island power authority ceo. he's gone. he's going to resign now after an outpouring of age prosecutor residents and from executives who have been without power since hurricane sandy hit over two weeks ago and say he had no plan and there was no preparation and certainly no communication. how does that affect the everyday homeowner when it comes to these responses? let's ask christine green, an ocean side resident and a hurricane sandy victim. you're still dealing with it today. christine, welcome. >> thank you. >> brian: we have power thankfully, so you're here to tell us what you're living through. you live by the water. you've never been flooded before. it's been over two weeks. what are you living if now? >> living in a home that's been
8:38 am
gutted out. for two weeks we did not have electrical power. my neighbors down the block still don't have electrical power. my son has been brought back to ocean side middle school to a cool with no power. being run bay generator. >> brian: and one of your children has a breathing problem. when this hit, you're saying hey, i can't plug in my nebulizer, i have to clear out his lungs. what were you hearing? >> they told me to call 911 if i had a medical emergency. >> brian: so you call 9 is 1 -- 911, they said what? >> they said i should go to the emergency room. there is no gas for your car to get to the emergency room. there is no gas for the generator to run the nebulizer. >> brian: we understand this is an unprecedented storm. what bothers you most about this entire 2 1/2 week saga? >> no preparation. no communication, no compensation. >> brian: does it feel better knowing he resigned or will be
8:39 am
checking out? >> brian: he will check out with his pension. that's what he will do. meanwhile, my husband and i had to stay home for two weeks, lose two weeks worth of pay to wait for lipa to come and inspect our home. every day they told us, we're coming, they never came. so for two weeks we both stayed home waiting for them to come. >> brian: also i find staggering is i get so many trucks from out of town, out of state, and they say, we can't get orders. we sleep in our trucks, we're waiting to help. we're looking to work. but they don't have any way of going to work 'cause no one seems to be in charge. >> we had one of those trucks come down our block halfway through the ordeal and checking out all the poles and the wires. i went out and said, please help me. i need to plug in this nebulizer for my son. they said, we are as confused as you are. lipa is not giving us any direction whatsoever. i said, can i offer you anything? can i give you a bottle of water? i don't have any heat. i can't offer you a place to sleep. my home is flooded. i can't offer you a hot meal.
8:40 am
but anything i had i would have gladly given to them if they would have turned on power for my son. >> brian: lipa lists things of people with outages, 10,000 in nassau, 6,000 in suffolk. do you believe those numbers? >> i believe they're much higher than that. much higher than that. i know for a fact my neighbor now, when you don't have electricity, you don't have heat. it's 30 degrees. they're waking up sleeping three blankets, jackets, hats. >> brian: the back up of sewage is highly underreported. >> we have no information. is our water safe now? we don't even know. we're right by the sewage plant in bay park. we haven't been told anything. we didn't get any notification from lipa about the water, anything. we're left in the dark literally. >> brian: christine, you just told the country your story. hopefully someone at lipa will stopped. we'll follow it. we're in the middle of it. ocean sudaries did not -- on or about side resident.
8:41 am
best of luck. >> thank you so much. >> brian: definitely will be a tough thanksgiving. >> it is. >> brian: moments ago he was named sexiest man alive. we'll reveal who it is next and she has the voice of an angel. ♪ >> brian: susan boyle here live right on "fox & friends." if she wasn't live, would she do that? the answer is no [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's
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8:45 am
2009. just announced. >> steve: congratulations. thank you very much. the white house claims it's a fact they were not aware of the scandals involving then former c.i.a. director david petraeus and general john allen until after the election. you buy that? look, you remember the white house was not as forth coming when it came to details of the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya where four americans were murdered. so why the discrepancy? let's talk to fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. >> because it's better to talk about sexy e-mails than benghazi. >> steve: dodge. >> that's the compelling main stream media story and they can really get their teeth into it. so we should know more about the e-mails between general allen and miss kelly than see the cables between benghazi, state department, c.i.a., d.o.d. and the white house. we should know more about how paula broadwell runs, races and whether she runs a split 7 or 8
8:46 am
minutes than thewier should know about the white house situation room. so it's really kind of gotten out of control. senator mccain had it right. we've got to get it back on focus. why was benghazi attacked? what was done before? what was done when it happened? and why didn't the truth come out for many, many weeks still has not come out? hopefully we'll get answers at the president's press conference. and hopefully the main stream media will step up for a change and ask hard questions. >> steve: no kidding. >> instead of worry being sex lives and social calendars down in florida. maybe it's relevant. maybe this classified information out there, but it's a big, big distraction and it's the wrong thing to do. >> steve: it absolutely is and there is so many people, a lot of people have different theories. well, this petraeus thing, it's all about he was blackmailed by the white house, so he you the investigation was going on and if he wanted to keep the job, he had to tow the line. but at the end of the line, we have to hear from the people. and john mccain was right. let's have a select committee so
8:47 am
we hear from petraeus and hillary. forget about the e-mails -- well, you know -- >> petraeus' history as a patriot. i believe petraeus will testify and must testify. he conducted his own investigation. >> steve: that's right. >> he's a relevant whether the white house was dangling a sword saying maybe you stay or maybe you go. maybe they'll talk about the girlfriend, maybe we don't. maybe you're compromised, maybe you're not, tens how you do. these are the questions. those are the important questions, what happened in benghazi. >> steve: let's see how many of the white house guys are listening to you. >> not e-mail. >> steve: two minutes from now, susan boyle will serenade us. good morning, susan. right now let's check in with martha mccallum who will serenade us at the top of the hour. >> yes, i will. thank you very much. so we have break news this morning on general petraeus and his focus testimony on benghazi. will his new civilian status allow him to speak more freely? that is the big question. and the president is about to
8:48 am
call for double what he wanted last year in higher taxes. steve forbes, pete king, jack keane on all those stories. we'll see you at the top of the hour.
8:49 am
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8:51 am
>> gretchen: remember this? it's only been three years since susan boyle brought the house down on the show and became an unlikely singing sensation. >> brian: today with over 1 million records sold and number one hits in more than 30 countries, susan is embracing her love of music with her latest release. >> steve: it's called "standing ovation,," we're joined by susan boyle. good morning to you.
8:52 am
>> good morning. >> steve: in a few minutes you'll sing a song from the wizard of oz. is this the way you've always sung it? >> yes. >> steve: because it's unusual. >> it's from the heart. >> steve: it is. >> gretchen: which is what being a musician is all about, coming from the inside. what i love about this latest album that you have is that you're singing duets with some of your favorite men. donny oz mopped? you loved -- osmond? you loved him growing@@ him sin. >> gretchen: what did you learn from donny when you sang two hits with him? >> to stay calm and focused. >> brian: why is he always so happy? doesn't donny always seem so happy? you've been in the u.s. for a while. you grew up in great britain. would you like to come to this country? aren't we so much better than them? >> steve: oh, stop it.
8:53 am
>> brian: you are an american story that happened in britain. >> gretchen: she's a world wide story. >> steve: she is. ladies and gentlemen, here she is, "somewhere over the rainbow" by susan boyle from her new "standing ovation" cd. >> brian: while we walk off. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ ♪ way up high ♪ is a land that i heard of once, once in a lullabye ♪
8:54 am
♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ there's a dream that you dare dream really do come true ♪ ♪ some day i'll wish upon a star ♪ ♪ and wake up where the clouds
8:55 am
are far behind me ♪ ♪ where troubles melt like lemon drops ♪ ♪ away above the chimney tops ♪ that's where you'll find me ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ skies are blue
8:56 am
♪ and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ♪ [ cheers and applause ] new sous that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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8:59 am
♪ . >> gretchen: perfect song for that beautiful picture. congratulations to our friend, sergeant bush, and his wife on their new baby girl, ruby eustele bush was born at 4:15 this morning. she came in at just over 7 pounds. ruby is the youngest of four


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